“The Macroscope”, a book on the systems approach Dr. Joël de Rosnay, a molecular biologist, systems theorist, science writer, and futurologist, is presently . de Rosnay, Joël The macroscope. Translation of Le macroscope. Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Social systems. 2 System theory 3 Energy policy. 4. Joël de Rosnay, (born 12 June ) is Docteur ès Sciences and scientific writer, presently On these subjects, he wrote: “Le Macroscope” (), “Les Chemins de la Vie” (The paths of life) () and “Le Cerveau Planétaire” (The planetary.

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Therefore, we have made it again available on the web. He is an associate of the Principia Cybernetica Project.

This book is an excellent, easy to read introduction to cybernetics and systems thinking, with applications to living organisms, the economy and the world as a whole. The main theme is that the complex systems which govern our macrosco;e should be looked at as a whole, rather than be taken apart into their constituents. The different systems, processes and mechanisms are beautifully illustrated with examples and pictures.


Although the text is over 20 years old, this visionary document is still highly relevant macroscop our present situation and state of knowledge. It is particularly recommended to people who wish to get an understanding of the basic concepts and applications of systems theory and cybernetics.

The chapters below can be read independently of each other.

Le Macroscope: Vers Une Vision Globale by Joël de Rosnay

Through the Macroscope 1. Ecology The Economics of Nature: Business and Mxcroscope 5. The Living Organism 6. A New Culture 1. Energy and Survival 1.

Metabolism and Waste in the Social Organism 4. Economics and Ecology Universal Currency: Information and the Interactive Society 1.

Time and Evolution 1. Divergence; The Final Explanation: A Third Route 3. Values and Education 1.

Birth of a Global Vision 2. Belorussian translation of this page. HeylighenDate Apr 12, modified Feb 26, created.