GET FREE 40 PAGE TELUGU ASTROLOGY AND DETAILED ONLINE, Fastest FREE TELUGU HOROSCOPE online software available on. When you learn astrology you will be able to understand yourself and the jyothisham in telugu, telugu astrology predictions, online telugu. రోజువారీ జాతక ఫలితాలు, తెలుగు జాతకం, వధూవర గుణమేళనం, సంఖ్యాశాస్త్రం, రాశిఫలములు, పంచాంగం మరియు జ్యోతిష .

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Its element is copper and gem coral. Your astrology chart does not make you do things, or be the way you are: Due to its accurate predictions, Astrology has carved a niche in the hearts of people. How to Predict – 4 7th house is not aspected by any planet and its lord Saturn is placed in 4th house, which is 10th from 7th house. So, if in your telugu jathakam, friendly planets are placed in the same house, it will bring positive effects in the life of the jathaka.

Once the planet’s behaviour is ascertained because of its placement, the results are changed with time, depending upon Dasha operating at that time. However, prediction part is quite interesting and motivates for learning astrology.

తెలుగు జాతకం|Telugu Jathakam|Jathakam in Telugu

How to Predict – 6 The special effects in the horoscope can be seen by looking at the various Yogas formed in the horoscope. A series of articles dealing with foundation principles of Astrology would serve the purpose better than reading a book. This house is also called ‘Dhan’ house and deals with money matters, one’s deposits, income tax, customs, computers.

Just your date, time and place larn birth.

The special effects in the horoscope can be seen by looking at the various Yogas formed in the horoscope. Reading published articles by expert Astrologers who are willing to share knowledge is one valuable source of learning Astrology. Merely reading a “good” book would not serve any purpose.


But, as you may know, astrology and horoscopy need more than one lifetime to get full expertise. It is the most malefic planet and very selfish and cunning.

It is the heaviest and the most benefic planet and represents Guru. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are benefic by nature and others are malefic as shown in the table below. Tips from a renowned astrologer Mr. Sun is the king, soul, father, will power, life, glory, health, sovereignty and clothes. Telugu Jathakam What is the benefit of preparing an accurate jathakam? This aspect also gives a tendency that people misunderstand or misinterpret his words.

It is normally passive and becomes active only when required. Its colour is white, direction north-east, element is silver and gem pearl. It represents memory, throat, arms, maternal uncles and short journeys. More and more knowledge of Yogas makes a man better and better astrologer. It is a way to integrate the different parts and pieces of our self and understand why we do what we do.

The lord Sun is placed in 4th house in Scorpio, a friend’s house, but with Saturn and Rahu, which are its enemies. It governs knees and defines the profession of a person.

You have to keep studying the charts by your own either in the examples given or any known charts along with your studies.

Quick tips for learning Astrology

Delhi Lagna is Leo. Saturn gives a wife with fair complexion belonging to an orthodox family. So the native can be identified by a lion.

Astrology, as you know, is a certain science and all predictions after referring to the online jyothishma jathakam are based on the telygu of astrology. It is aspected by Saturn from 4th house, which makes the native hard working. The lion is bold by nature yelugu has confidence to win over anyone.


However, still people find it difficult to understand its concept. It also indicates bad health of mother. Visiting the right temples and offering archana, puja and helping the needy are good enough to get us relieved from the bad effects of the dasa and bhukti.

They show different relationships with different planets. This house is called ‘Ripu Bhava’, that is house of enemies. It increases the intelligence level and gives him a professional career. It also ensures son to the native.

It represents accidents, parental property, life insurance, mining and anus. The powerful Yogas take away the attention from other aspects and they become telkgu effective in life. So the over all success is not at par with the work done by the native. Trying to learn more than one system at a time will confuse you.

Get your free telugu jathakam here, now. The most important is that your major dasas and minor dasas are seen in the dasa calendar, for you to see and act.

How to learn astrology or where to learn etlugu – these are some leadn that baffle a lot many people. Jupiter in 2nd house also gives soft and impressive voice. This is where your telugu jathakam can be had after keying in your details of birth. So sometimes words are lost while speaking. Yes, it does because you can know everything in advance At least for those who truly believe in this science.

The science of Astrology makes predictions via a particular method.