In this groundbreaking book, the renowned theoretical physicist Lee Smolin argues that physics — the basis for all other sciences — has lost its way. For more. The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next. Lee Smolin, Author. Houghton Mifflin $ Abstract. Lee Smolin’s casual accounting of special and general relativity in The Trouble with Physics raises an interesting question: is it possible to develop a.

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What convinced me more then anything was the difference in style you mentioned.

His research interests include theoretical aspects of cosmology, field theory, and gravitation. Sometimes a little criticism can be a healthy thing. Want to Read saving…. I wish I’d read it immediately after reading The Elegant Universe — while all that string theory jargon was still fresh in my mind [5]. You claim I over-hype certain results in LQG, but in the book I make it very clear that these are early, preliminary results and that much remains to be done before we can see if their promise is realized.

Yet he feels comfortable making statements such as p. This is a fair point.

This is true unless there is a universal mechanism that cuts off quantum gravitational fluctuations and the fluctuations of anything else, because as a consequence of this mechanism there are simply no degrees of freedom with wavelength smaller than the Planck length.

By using this site, you agree phsyics the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This however does not imply that the theory can make no predictions.

I am really curious about your opinion! Smolin’s exposition in that regard as it gives a good picture of the problems confronting le string theory. God, Physics, and the Gender War. Hardcoverpages. Indeed, the expectation that the standard model has no rigorous underpinnings is one of the arguments for the need for a unification beyond the standard model.

However, this will be the last b Manny got me to read this book admittedly it has taken me a while to get around to it not so much with this review here http: In touring Africa, one needs Local Knowledge.

Recommended to BetseaK by: I learned of what is important to science people. Finally, I am glad we agree about the need to do things to encourage more intellectual independence within US Science. Unfortunately, as I understand what has actually come out from the experiments run so far, it has been disappointing.


The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science and What Comes Next

First, there is not now a complete argument either for the finiteness of all orders string scattering There seems to be a tremendous amount of confusion if not outright misinformation about the status of that subject.

Unless we know all particle physics interactions all the way from accessible energy up to the Planck scale, we can never hope to extract any quantitative predictions about quantum gravitational effects.

And, Smolin is quick to admit that he is as guilty as others, in his inability to make progress. Motl list of 12 appears to be very impressive. Brazil does not get involved in wars; christians, jews, muslims or whatever “live together in perfect harmony”.

Anyway, since most of you haven’t yet had a chance to read the book, I don’t see any point in picking at details which I didn’t like there were plenty. Is there any discussion of the current and near future experimental situation? It has always seemed to me that postulating un-testable hypotheses is more the domain of religion or philosophy than of Physics.

There is pphysics amazing stuff turning up in real-world observations and crying out to be explained. To resolve this one should possibly follow the contrary strategy: Smolin argues that theoretical physics at least where foundational issues of lfe physics, gravity etc.

I hope that the work Smolin and others are doing to remedy the situation comes about sooner rather than later, so we can advance further as a species in our understanding sjolin the universe and how it works.

On the other hand, Mr.

Smolin The Life of the Cosmos believes that physicists are making the mistake of searching for a theory that is “beautiful” and “elegant” instead of one that’s actually backed up by experiments.

There was a “too good to be true” element to it, but beyond that, it did not seem that there was a good physicz explanation for what they were really bringing to the table. If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review. Smolin suggests both that there appear to be serious deficiencies in string theory and that string theory has an unhealthy near-monopoly on fundamental physics in the United States, and that a diversity of approaches is needed.


I went through it and I was amazed to see the extend that some disagreements can take and the way that people, affiliated with high profile institutions, behave when they should be models for the rest of the community and their students. But and Brian Greene even says this in his book you shouldn’t be so certain of your hypothesis if you can’t physisc it down in such a way that a layperson can at least get the gist of it — and can get the gist of what the deeper implications are [3].

The Trouble With Physics | Not Even Wrong

Among them are the people who will most likely lead the next generation. One can then physiics that any operator product in the kinematical Hilbert space that is defined re the limit of a regularization procedure, such that it gives rise to a well defined operator on the Hilbert space of diffeomorphism invariant states, has no uv divergences.

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It creates falsifiable propositions and is potentially a unifying theory itself. Using conservation of angular momentum and other laws, Pauli was able to predict the spin and other characteristics of neutrinos.

Hence it’s extremely hard to disprove it. As such they fulfill their purpose very well for the layman, who wants to get a glimpse on the variety of approaches by which we try to reveal nature’s secrets.