Nizami, poet of the most famous version of “Leyli and Majnun.” .. and Majnun” – Leyli va Majnun (Azeri) or Majnun Leyla (Arabic), or Lili-o Majnun (Persian).

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Made distraught by love, the lover roams the deserts alone, composing love poems about his beloved. The nassib was also used vx musicians for its own sake in establishing the mood in the introduction.

Layla and Majnun

He soon began composing poems about his love for her, mentioning her name often. The actors were famous and extremely handsome. Oriental Translation fund, ; second edition majnono, Indian reprint An Interpretation of the Majnun Legend, Beirut, At first he becomes mad and his poetry becomes his salvation.

The New York Times. The beloved will never return, and the lover so carefully portrayed in the poem remains prisoner of his own endless wounded passion, fueled by the evidence of the missing beauty and memories of happier days gone by. A Realist’s Guide To Romance. Sometimes they swoon on seeing their love. Gerhardt, The Art of Story-Telling: Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions.

However, instead of praying for relief from his madness, Majnun pleads, “Dear God, for Your own sake and for the sake of love, let my love grow stronger with each passing hour. As the garden slowly withered, so did Layla: Her terms were accepted and Jajnoon got married, but her heart still longed for Majnun.

You have bewitched me, you have robbed me of my sleep, my reason, my very being. He was sure of this love on the majnoin first day he laid his eyes upon her at maktab traditional school.

An enormous v of lithographed publications appeared in India, and these need to be examined not only for their texts but also for their majboon. As Aragon said on this matter, “En amour, tout interdit.


Majnun spent all of his time alone, surrounded only by the animals of the wilderness that would gather around him and protect him during the long desert nights. Many traditionalists in the Muslim world have referred to the Islamic tradition which states that separated lovers who die are considered totally purified and go to heaven – platonic idyll.

This experience has been described in the most rational terms, first by Plato The Banquet, The Republicthen by Descartes, himself, who states in his Discours de la Methode, that having reached the limits of reason by leipi systematic doubt, he found himself suddenly close to mental alienation. Majnun was overcome with grief and abandoned his home and family and disappeared into the wilderness where he lived a miserable life of solitude among the wild animals.

The Story of Layla and Majnun

Contemplating the image of Leyli increases his love so that he cannot eat or sleep. Knowing of his devotion to his parents, Layla was determined to send Majnun word of their passing.

Such passionate displays of love and devotion caused many majnooh refer to the boy as Majnun, meaning madman. This epic poem was translated into English by Isaac D’Israeli in the early 19th century allowing a wider audience to appreciate it.

Poetry, in the context of “poesis” of the ancient Greeks, becomes his “creation.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Leuli died of a broken heart, alone in her home without ever seeing Majnun again. The time for love has passed. The story had previously been brought to the stage in the late 19th century, when Ahmed Shawqi wrote a poetic play about the tragedy, now considered leil of the best in modern Arab poetry. The inclination of even the simplest people for classical love poetry, particularly when recited or sung, is obvious.

Layla was forced to marry this other man, although she did not love him because her heart still belonged to Majnun. Many families have been devastated by the existential contradictions between Oriental traditions and the impact of the Western sexual liberation ideology of the s and 70s See the film: Afghanistan There were once two boys who were elili good friends. The life of this world mmajnoon, for the most part, nothing but a succession of illusions and deceptions.


There are numerous editions of the romance from many countries, in a variety of forms.

Stratton, British Musical Biography: When he realizes that he cannot obtain union even when other people intercede for him, he grows disillusioned with society and roams naked in the desert among the beasts. The Shirvanshah Palace can be seen inside the ancient Inner City, Ichari Shahar, today and still stands as a landmark of architectural elegance. Privacy Policy Add Comment.

Physical contact is alien to these stories, and when the lovers have an opportunity to meet, they sing poetry for each other while weeping. Nizami, poet of the most famous version of “Leyli and Majnun. He is presented as a poet who is able to compose dazzling poetry in various poetic genres. Always in the past, love had been a najnoon of privacy.

Layla and Majnun – Wikipedia

The Virgin and Her Lover: Western tradition in the Middle Ages is just the opposite. Some of the miniatures featured on these pages are from treasures found there. This article can also be viewed on the Internet at Azerbaijan International’s Web site: According to rural legend there, Layla and Majnun escaped to these parts and manjoon there. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world.

Neshat Esfahani Abbas Foroughi Bastami — The relevant sources are described and studied in a pioneering article by I. Leyli o Majnun, ed.