Hi guys,I have a load of LEM active cabs all with the same amp units and also the same of. Due to my recent back surgery I am now having a massive rid out and scale down of some of my kit. Here we have a pair of lem t4a powered speakers. They are. 1 user review on LEM T5A. All user reviews for the LEM T5A ATRP T4A i was buying a home, but as I turned into an enclosure with plastic.

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You may have already of seen this the main LEM website. What I haven’t had chance to do is to listen to the newer LEM offerings, particularly the D cabinets. Aha, just found the manual, they do have flying points, but how do you access the dsp?

Please check out my other items. They’re light and easy to carry, and very well made Do we rate them? I usually use them with a couple of subwoofers for the low end. They tried a repair but with no luck and when I found the ,em drawings for the module they told me it was unlikely it would be econmically sensible to try and repair!!

Posted 01 May – Do they have any flying points? It’s really getting hold of a set to have a decent listen to. All of the units power up. They’ve always seemed a nice little cabinet for the money.


All user reviews for the LEM T5A

They sound really sweet to my ear, and are pretty perky despite the lack of power. Posted 10 February – Due to my recent back surgery I am now having a massive rid out and scale down of some of my kit. Please assign your manual to a product: Every dealer I’ve spoke with in the Phoenix area have told me the same thing This DSP thing is now confusing me. I haven’t heard much of them before, are they a small company making good kit or are they small because people don’t like them?

,em have been lots of these LEM speakers new on ebay recently. This would be collection only due to size and weight and I would rather demo them to any potential buyers to show them in full working order before taken away.

This page was generated in 0. I know the Avalon’s sounded pretty nice, it’s just to see how the newer offerings compare. These are seriously powerful speakers and capable of some serious volume levels. I have read that the EEPROM chip holder can become len jointed and cause dsp problems, so on one of the units from a d I soldered the chip directly to the board.


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LEM T4A / D Amp Modules – Forums

They are badged up as watts each. I’m now running a passive PA, so these tend to get rolled out for small announcer, solo singer or foldback roles. The T4’s in particular tend to pop, click and hiss by themselves without audio connected, but otherwise display the same symptoms as the D units.

These speakers are very close to mint condition as you can see from the pictures. Not finding what you are looking for? Yet lm of the presets include this delay, nor can I see any other way of accessing it. I’m now looking for a set of 12″ active cabs to add to my setup. That could be down to their location within our concert hall however. Shame, so I keep looking for single speakers avaiable on ebay totake the module from.

You might like these http: I am in need of the schematic s.

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