THE TEMPLATE FOR THE ENTIRE PLINTH IS ALL. ON THIS PLINTH. FOR LENCO L 75 TURNTABLE YOU WILL NEED TO DO TWO THINGS TO THE L Used Lenco Plinth for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Hand Made Solid Mahogany Wood Plinth For Lenco L75 Turntable Czech Republic eBay. “The Lenco doesn’t need a plinth in order to be Great, it is inherently Great. The plinth just brings it to a higher level. If you were to buy a Lenco.

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Here is what it looked like with my replacement platter mat on it: First of all, a wealth of information on the Lecno L75 can be found here at Lenco Heaven. BTW, it’s 6 layers of Baltic Birch Plywood that are glued and screwed together, and which I’ve rounded off the sharp edges with my router.

Used lenco plinth for Sale |

GL75 Standard plinth springs. Good looking build Chris.

I’m not at home just now but will lenoc a photo when time and beer allows. Few other useful tips here in: It’s sounds slightly darker, which is always a good sign because it means reduced distortion. Some day we’ll get these top plates done; filling the holes with metal filler and have them spray painted by a professional. Bitumen pad is obviously going to cover the entire surface.


Lenco Plinths

More Lenco L75 Here a plinth made for my friend Michael. I’ve swapped the springs round and replaced the platter but it still has the plintg of the plinth sagging down.

He had a tough job making the best of it. Werner wer – just my initials, not a nick!

A friend of mine still, after 6 years, uses a Lenco with Rega RB mounted in original hole, his system sounds glorious: The EPA arm is pointh gem; no wonder they reach high prices on eBay.

I made a tonearm plinth for the and mounted the 12″ Jelko.

He sold the Acoustic with no regrets, to put it mildly. The learning goes like this: Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

I fact I had several hours of listening More on this to come. Turntable upgraded with Moerch DP6 12″ red tonearm.

GL75 Standard plinth springs – Components – Lenco Heaven Turntable Forum

Plinth for Lenco L70, L75, L78 turntable. The – almost – finished turntable I made a thin panel for covering the plinyh tonearm holes but it didn’t look good.


Here is the replacement plinth from the top: The blobs of green paint on the three securing nuts look undisturbed. Although these springs are large, I don’t think much of the tiny springs on the GL75 plinths, if fitted. Look here for details.

September 07, I’ll try this for my next Lenco top. Member Member Offline Location: Exploded view; click image to view large.

The whole makes a lovely sound, or rather, the sound it produces is very satisfactory. Thanks Bryan, I noticed these http: I seem to recall that there were different length springs if it is the same plinth as I have.

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