blood count itself, but complications such as leukostasis, tumor lysis syndrome ( TLS) and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) put the. Pol Merkur Lekarski. Jan;6(31) [Leukostasis syndrome in a case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia]. [Article in Polish]. Durzyński T(1), Konopka L. It can induce leukostasis, tumor lysis syndrome and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy and has significant prognostic implications with.

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These reports describe the use of this treatment in acute leukemias presenting with extreme leukocytosis, 2930 with the achievement of a rapid reduction in circulating WBCs and a concomitant correction of the patient’s anemia with no procedure-related adverse events. No specific laboratory test that can be performed to confirm this diagnosis.


The pathophysiology of leukostasis is not well understood, but inadequate delivery of syndrom to the body’s cells is the end result. Therefore, it is recommended that the decision to perform leukocytapheresis should in no way delay more definitive treatment such as hydroxyurea and chemotherapy. Blood disorders Hematopathology Leukemia Oncological emergencies. The pathophysiology of leukostasis is not well understood. Leukemia and population types are also believed to be associated with possible symptoms and may require a change in treatment.

Individuals affected by leukostasis may present with respiratory symptoms such as coughdifficulty breathingbreathing too quicklyor inadequate levels of oxygen in the blood requiring support with a mechanical ventilator. By using this site, you agree to the Lehkostasis of Use and Privacy Policy.

Acute leukemic blast crisis, Hyperleukocytosis, Leukostasis

Although this scale has not been widely adopted, it provides a tool to assist in the standardization of approaches to patients with hyperleukocytosis. Lymphatic vessel disease I88—I89 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cytoreduction is also a critical course of treatment in order to rapidly decrease white blood cell counts. The arterial blood gas should be interpreted skeptically as the Leukostawis can be falsely decreased pseudohypoxemia in patients with hyperleukocytosis leukostasiss to rapid oxygen consumption by the high number of WBCs.


Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. Since a primary cause of leukocystatis is caused by leukemia, surgery is often a treatment and dependent on tumor size and location. Transfus Med Hemother 39 4: Key words- leukemia, hyperleukocytosis, leukostasis, respiratory complications. Leukostasis is a pathlogic diagnosis that inhibits efficient flow to the microvasculature of the body. Leuk Res 38 4: Ann Hematol 83 Suppl 1: The condition is characterized by abnormal aggregation and clumping of white blood cells in the blood vessels resulting in impaired blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the body’s cells.

Gartrell, K, Rosenstrauch, W. This review focuses on pulmonary leukostasis in hyperleukocytosis and describes the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, and management of this condition. SaO 2 on ABG will be falsely depressed.

Leukostasis – Wikipedia

Cytotoxic chemotherapy Lsukostasis is the best means to address the issues of hyperleukocytosis and clinical leukostasis. The definition of early death varied among studies from 7 to 42 days of diagnosis or presentation.

Diagnosis Diagnostic criteria and tests Other possible diagnoses 4. Cleveland Clin J Med. Because there are no prospective, randomized studies, and retrospective studies report conflicting results, the role of leukocytapheresis for cytoreduction is still unclear.

Treatments aim to rapidly reduce white blood cell counts while also treating the underlying disorder. J Pediatr 6: Peukostasis are also risks related to venous access.


Are cranial irradiation and invasive cytoreduction necessary? Monitor for DIC and treat accordingly to minimize bleeding risk. Common organ systems involved include pulmonary and CNS.

Oxygen therapy should be administered.

Retrieved from ” https: However, starting with conventional induction chemotherapy increases the tumor lysis syndrome and DIC and can worsen leukostasis compared to low dose chemotherapy followed by induction syndroke.

The most common symptom is the patient is usually febrilewhich is often linked with inflammation and possible infection. Lester TJJohnson JWand Cuttner J Pulmonary leukostasis as the single worst prognostic factor in patients with acute myelocytic leukemia and hyperleukocytosis. Twenty-one studies were included, comprising adult and pediatric patients. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia – Exact percentage of people diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia is unknown but a significant number also suffer from hyperleuckocytosis.

Spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome is present in approximately 10 percent of patients with leukostasis, lab tests are used to measure the potential of elevated serum concentrations such as uric acidpotassiumphosphateand hypocalcemia.

Leuokstasis chapter will provide a review of the symptoms of hyperleukocytosis, the pathophysiology of leukostasis, the technical aspects of leukocytapheresis, and the efficacy of the procedure in the treatment of complications due to leukostasis secondary to hyperleukocytosis.

Views Read Edit View history. Acute lymphblastic Leukemia – 20 to 30 percent of patients newly diagnosed with this type of leukemia have hyperleukocytosis.

InOberoi, et al.