Encuentra The Oera Linda Book from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century. the Original de Oera Linda Bok (Autor) . Me gustaría leer este libro en Kindle. Chronological list of Oera Linda translations (known to me) A. Soldani, Italian, Oera Linda il libro, pagine di storia dimenticate, web-only. The Oera Linda Book is a controversial Frisian manuscript covering historical, mythological, and religious themes that first came to light in the 19th century.

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The Oera Linda Book, known in Frisian as Thet Oera Linda Bokcame to light in when Cornelis Over de Linden — handed the manuscript, which he claimed to have inherited from his grandfather, via his aunt, over to Eelco Verwijs —the provincial lera of Friesland, for translation and publication.

Blavatsky to develop ilnda own, much more elaborate ideas on the subject, as outlined in The Secret Doctrine Gustav Neckel had praised Wirth’s work before publication, but upon seeing its content published a dismayed recension. Over the next few years there was a heated public controversy, but by it was universally accepted that the text was a recent composition.

Historian Goffe Jensma published a monograph on the manuscript inDe gemaskerde god The Libri Godincluding a new translation and a discussion of the history of its reception.

Many believe that the work may even be the creation of Cornelis Over de Linden, a Dutch man, in collaboration with his associates. The claim is also made that this Frisian civilization possessed an alphabet which was the ancestor of the Greek and Phoenician alphabets.

Find more at www. Aggiungi al carrello Acquista ora Aggiungi alla lista desideri Rimuovi dalla Wishlist. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Jensma argued that Haverschmidt was the main writer of the book, with the help of Over de Linden and Verwijs.


An article in late by Jensma [10] says that the three authors of the translation intended it “to be a temporary hoax to fool some nationalist Frisians and orthodox Christians and as an experiential exemplary exercise in reading the Holy Bible in a non-fundamentalist, symbolical way.

The Reign of Tiberius. Research was performed on the libgo of the paper, and it was claimed to have come from a papermill in Maastricht circa [ citation needed ]. Continua a fare acquisti Pagamento Continua a fare acquisti. Ottema, believed it to be written in authentic Old Frisian.


Described as the All Ilndathe word wralda is actually the Old Frisian term for world. Geological as well as geographical evidence that was readily available even as far back as Over de Linden’s time is also mostly absent from the manuscript. Productos Reacondicionados Precios bajos en productos revisados por Amazon.

History of the Third Lobro of Rome. Valutazione complessiva Ancora nessuna valutazione 0. Among those who doubt the book’s authenticity, the most popular candidates for the author of the manuscript are Cornelis Over de Linden or Eelco Verwijs. Mostra anteprima Anteprima salvata Salva anteprima Visualizza la sinossi. Verwijs rejected the manuscript, but in Dr. Themes Themes running through the Oera Linda Book include catastrophismnationalismoerwand mythology.

Tiberius Claudius Drusus Caesar. Because of the infatuation of Himmler’s with the Oera Linda Book and its consequent association with Nazi occultism, it became known as “Himmler’s Bible”.

Oera Linda

Henry Cabot Lodge Editor. If they admit that, I do not see why they refuse it a greater antiquity; and as to the improbability of the stories related in it, I refer the reader to the exhaustive inquiry in Dr Ottema’s Preface. Works of Geoffrey of Monmouth. It would be great if those Darwin Mounds could be lindx el libro de oera linda But because you are in the possession of Jensma’s book yourself, maybe you yourself could give us some of the examples from his book?


It was translated into German as “Die Ura Linda Chronik” in and became popular in German elementary schools and a favorite book of Heinrich Himmler.

Ottema and achieved popularity for the reasons given above. Hopefully he was the last. Stories from the Roman Forum. Female divers are a good candidate for real mermaids and in some ways it does fit the OLB references to sea peoples i. The Boys’ Book of Rulers. William Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra”: Possibly the same deity as Nerthus, mentioned by Tacitus in Ch. The Nature of Asatru: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The text alleges that Europe and other lands were, for most of their history, ruled by a succession of folk-mothers presiding over a hierarchical order of celibate priestesses dedicated to the goddess Fryadaughter of the supreme god Wr-alda and Irthathe earth mother. Wirth’s book was by no means universially acclaimed among the Nazi era Nordicist academics, and the panel discussion was steeped in heated controversy.

In the s it experienced a revival of popularity in the English-speaking world.


The Letters of Pliny the Younger. Famous Men of Greece. Eleasar ben Damash, and James, a man of the village Secania, came to heal him in the name of Jesus ben Panther. Latest developments In the historian Goffe Jensma published a book about the case: