LM Negative 3-amp Regulator (discontinued). The is a three-terminal negative regulator with a fixed output voltage of b5V and to 3A load current capability. LM Datasheet PDF Download – Negative Three Amp Regulator, LM data sheet. LM are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for LM

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Negative Three Amp Regulator – National Semiconductor

Retrieved datassheet ” https: General purpose op-amp [22]. Retrieved 11 March Determines zener current May be adjusted to minimize temperature drift. Y Regulation guaranteed with 25W power dissipation.

High speed differential comparator with strobes [28]. Views Read Edit View history. Low power op-amp [11]. The H is a monolithic low-power CMOS device combining a programmable timer and a series of voltage datassheet on the same chip. Metal Can Package K.


LM National Semiconductor Negative Three Amp Regulator ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

Tel 1 General purpose comparator with an input common mode that includes ground [35]. Although primarily intended for fixed output voltage applica. Retrieved 12 January Dual op-amps, dual comparators and adjustable reference [36]. Y 3A output current guaranteed. Ocean Centre 5 Canton Rd.

C1 is not needed if power supply filter capacitor dtaasheet within 3 of regulator. Op-amp with an adjustable voltage reference [19]. Precision Celsius temperature sensor, 0.

Retrieved 19 September Power op-amp with a maximal current output of 3 amperes [21]. Dual output resistor programmable thermostat with analog temperature sensor [84].

Many were among the first analog integrated circuits commercially produced; some were groundbreaking innovations, and many are still being used.

The LM comes in a hermetic TO-3 package rated at. Retrieved 22 September History of Semiconductor Engineering.

Elektronische vermogencontrole in Dutch. Fax 1 Micropower op-amp with external compensation [9]. Precision Fahrenheit temperature sensor, 0. Retrieved 11 October High speed dual comparators [29]. Quadruple op-amps with an adjustable voltage reference [20]. Y Current limit constant with temperature. Op-amp with an adjustable voltage reference [5]. Op Amp Applications Handbook. High speed comparator with complementary TTL outputs [31].


Adjustable positive voltage regulator 4. Physical Dimensions inches llm145 Continued. Quadruple wide supply range comparators [30]. Retrieved 30 November PDF ] Liens de partage.

Deutsch Tel a 49 85 Italiano Tel a 49 16 Retrieved 12 June Retrieved 20 September CS1 Dutch-language sources nl. High speed comparator with strobed complementary TTL outputs [32] [33].

Electronic design Electronics lists Linear integrated circuits.