What is a Teaching of Survival? The shortest answer to that question would be that it is a series of books written by Dr. Luule Viilma. These books are focused on. Results 1 – 12 of 48 Diseases of the digestive system / Bolezni pishchevaritelnoy sistemy. by Viilma Luule. Currently unavailable. Luule Viilma. K likes. Andestus on tahe suhelda, tahe tingimusteta armastada, tahe hing vaimuga täiuslikuks tervikuks ühendada. Andestus on hingepuhtus.

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As I said, I have finally managed to stay constant in the past few years.

Thank you for your help and lessons! When I started I thought it would be hard to find a lot of things to write, but it was hard to stop. As you can see there are lot of small things to be thankful for.

Maybe your mother always told you, that men are nothing but stupid drunks, that stuck ,uule you subconsciously and now he came to teach you a lesson.

Dear Fear of not being loved, I now open the door of my prison and set you free. I am not that into affirmations, but everyone has a different method that works for them. You can do it out loud or just in your mind.

Luule Viilma – Wikipedia

I ask forgiveness from everyone I have hurt with my Fear of not being loved, I did not mean to hurt you. More and more people went to her for help, she got tired of explaining the basics of her method over and over, so she wrote a little booklet to read before the consultations, which later turned to a book. Probably sounds pretty nuts to a common human being: I have wrote in simple notebooks, pretty journals, on my computer, in small pocket diaries — a little bit of everything: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Here are some Viilmw wrote for myself:. Loore Martma rated it really liked it May 31, Some of you will say no and others will say yes.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Risto rated it did not like it Feb 02, In one winter night of January while driving back home from the lecture in Riga she and her husband were caught luuke a car accident.

Luule died in a emergency car on a way to the local hospital.

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I started off just writing about school, crushes, friends, the usual ivilma stuff and went to a complain mode after. The other person will feel the energy and of course again, you need to ivilma it, you need to really mean that. Luule Viilma was one of the greatest spiritual teachers and writers of Estonia. I wrote about Luule and her teachings a couple of weeks ago Luule Viilma: Leaving state-sponsored medical system she started to work as the private doctor.

It was incredibly beautiful and liberating experience. Try to put yourself in their shoes to feel how you hurt them and your apology comes out more sincere.

These books are about how to cure any disease or a health problem with just our thoughts, I understand how this might sound crazy to somebut not for me. Our bodies love us more luue anyone in the world, yet we treat them so bad. Priit Hillep rated it it was amazing Apr 06, You will feel better, happier, luckier and it will call more good things to your life! Luule started to give public lectures and private sessions in Helsinki, Moscow, Riga etc. Also unreleased situations, painful memories.


Ordering the book in English language – Luule Viilma Ellujäämise Õpetus

Neelam rated it really liked it Feb 17, Here are some I wrote for myself: Maybe you discover something you need to work on too: Take a day or two and really track your thoughts, try to be very conscious and observe what you think. Of course you can also say these things in person or you can do it mentally, but the important thing is it will set free that negative energy and releases everyone involved.

They will change your life, that I can guarantee, you just need to try them out: That is a fact. Valeriya rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Make lujle a habit, every day, until you start to believe them, until you become them!

Luule Viilma

Say I love you! You never get anything right! I think that in our society we concentrate biilma lot on all the wrong that is made towards women and men are often forgotten about. Viil,a predicted then that the year of will become the year of conflicts. According to Luule Viilma all health problems come from stress and with stress she means fears, guilt, anger.

Then say it again! Also all the things you did, like vacuuming, cleaning, working out — cause being productive is a good thing. Hello again beautiful people: