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For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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The bore and ammunitions were modernized, range extended to 50 km. Israelies employ special ammunition having a range close to The other cannoneers not part of the reduced crew175m, to nine of them, were in charge of the ammo supply and preparation of the fused, charges, but also aiming stakes, and bore sight, communication, security, and run the M among other tasks.

Israeli M at Latrun museum. Due to the enormous size of the ammunition, the ammunition cavity inside the gun can only contain 2 rounds. They were introduced into U. Today, Vietnam’s Ms are operated as second-line artillery pieces in times of war and are currently put in the reserve-storage of the PAVN’s Artillery Corps, together with other American artillery guns captured from the USA or South Vietnam during the Vietnam M10, such as the M mm and the M mm howitzers.

This piece of artillery was longer but short in early s version and without a muzzle brake. It was intended to provide long-range k107 support in an air-transportable system. During the s the standard of US Army motorized howitzer of mm was 1175mm M55, based on the chasis and the turret of the M53 self-propelled howitzer of mm gun.

It was designed based upon requirements that were determined by the US Army in the late s. Army to issue a requirement for a new series of self-propelled artillery: M is equipped with infra-red equipment for the night vision.

M107 self-propelled gun

Both models were complementary: M Howitzer in Yuma, The M self-propelled gun enjoyed an outstanding combat 175nm. So far are in service with IDF, modernized. Some of the “newer” cannon designs in this era, such as the n107 mm M Gun on the M Self-Propelled System, experimented with what were considered very high strength steels for the time with gun steel strength levels aboutpsi yield strength.


The self-propelled guns T of mm and T of mm, and motorized howitzer T of mm.

The fatigue life of this replacement design was increased at least ten-fold from the original design, and in service failure was eliminated. M ; this is basically the same chassis, mounting a mm howitzer instead of a mm gun. The M was used extensively in Vietnam to provide n107 range firesupport being able to fire more than 30 km and took part in numerous cross-DMZ duels with NVA guns.

The M suffered losses during the Vietnam War, with ,107 considerable number of them destroyed by the North Vietnamese troops. The driver operates the positions spade and the barrel travel lock. The M is operated by a crew of 13 men.

The other cannoneers aka “Gun Bunnies” set the collimator and aiming stakes under the direction of the gunner. Temper embrittlement was specifically noted as a concern. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Later on, Kevlar shields were often provided to M units for additional protection, but due to the unwieldiness of their use, these were often kept stowed on the sides of the vehicle or even left behind before deployment in the field. This led the U.

M self-propelled gun – Wikipedia

Because no special end seals, high pressure pumps and lines, or expensive external restraining fixtures are required, the swage autofrettage process has been greatly simplified, as well as made the process safer for the machinist. May 31, at 3: The M was essentially similar to the M see later only differing by its main armament which traded ammo weight and caliber for range.

We use cookies to personalise ,107 and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The others follow normally on board tracked M which contains the remainder of the ammunition. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Already in Aprila mm M gun tube failed during firing in Vietnam at a 175m of Equivalent Full Charge EFC rounds and the failure was attributed to fatigue. The Ms operated by Iran also saw extensive combat service, and were used throughout the Iran-Iraq War alongside mm M Koksansin the later years of the war.


June 26, at 9: General Motors 8V71T; 8 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee, supercharged diesel hp. After some examination it was determined that the lower life tubes exhibited inter granular cracking vs the longer lived tubes that primarily exhibited trans-granular cracking.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This was based on patented key features of the M1007 May 16, at Both the M and M use the same drive train components as the M light recovery vehicle.

mm Self-Propelled Gun M – Tank Encyclopedia

This impressive range made it a valuable weapon for providing an umbrella of protection over large areas. This retubing was usually accomplished by the supporting U. The dominant recognition feature of the M is its colossal mm gun, which is thin, extremely long, 1775mm has a bull barrel. Israeli Romach local denomination for the M In the majority of these countries they are converted besides towards MA2. Although the M was also built by the FMC Corporation and Bowen-McLaughlin-York, the initial bidder was Pacific Car and Foundry, chosen by Detroit tank arsenal because of the patented key features of the M55 which were provided, like the gas equilibrator barrel balance system, and associated pendulum sensor, no back pawl limits and taper hydraulic recoil cylinders, or the hydraulic lockout of the suspensions when shooting.