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Technology of 3D printing In contrast to traditional forming methods, the 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology.

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In aviation Fitowoltaika composites are being used in primary load-bearing structures [7, 8] and in plating of modern aircrafts [9]. Due to the use of different building materials and technologies, several printing techniques can be distinguished. International Symposium on 50th Anniversary of the Death of Prof.

Microscopic examination in transmitted and reflected light demonstrated the presence of magnetite mgazyn hematite in the slag, while the determination of other iron forms e. Potential energy yield increase of a solar spectra down-converter equipped photovoltaic device in real operational conditions, in: Adhesive joining technology is undergoing a constant and rapid development as a result of advances in the chemistry of adhesives. For this reason, condensers become much more efficient than they were a dozen years ago.

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For example, clinical observations of titanium stents covered with a resorbable polymer coatings containing antithrombogenic drugs indicate that the migration and proliferation of smooth muscle cells of the blood vessel walls are enhanced and the regenerat Moreover, these layers have an advantage over amorphous carbon ones, resulting from their better adhesion to the substrate.

Also, it should be noted that the diatoms can be farmed on an industrial scale [16, 17], thus opening the space for the use in mass-production. They also find applications as moisture barriers in OLED displays [8, 13, 14] and active materials in biosensor systems [15]. A preliminary assessment of Lu2Y2Al2O9: Riveted joints have been extensively used in the aircraft industry since the emergence of first metal structures [5].

In order to reproduce the dental reconstructions shape, casting waxes with small shrinkage and high stiffness are used, which prevents accidental distortions of modelled shapes and guarantees small dimensional deviations of the castings. H layers [2, 6, 11], amorphous hydrogenated silicon nitride a-SiNx: One of the possible loads on the shell-like elements is the interaction of the forces perpendicular to their surface as the result of contact with devices or objects in their surroundings, such interactions can be static or fktowoltaika.


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The present work introduces SixCyNz: To fabricate such a composite material of space-homogeneously distributed, Magazy enriched nanocrystals embedded in a glassy host, the glass partial crystallization controll However, the results of wettability measurements are not unequivocal.

The situation is different as far as iron is concerned which, occurs mainly in the form of own oxide and hydroxides phases. This is a consequence of a number of such beneficial properties of these materials msgazyn In the last years extensive research focused on developing new materials were conducted.

Another method is to use advanced powder metallurgy methods. Pr as a potential scintillator, in: The structure and chemical composition of fotowoptaika diatom D. It is an advantageous substitute for commonly used silane, characterized by explosive properties.

Cyclic methods of deformation lead to a lower rate of grain refinement compared to methods without a change in strain path [26]. What has been long known about adhesive joining is that proper surface treatment is critical to preparing the surface of adherends for joining [9].

An attempt was made to determine the extent to which the thermal analyses DTA, TG and DTG of converter slag may contribute to the refinement and increase in accuracy of the determination of phase composition.

Cr3C2 is introduced into the plasma jet, which issue from a plasma torch. At higher temperature the tetragonal phase transforms to cubic and monoclinic phase which generates unfavourable stresses and consequently leads to cracking and degradation of the c There are many issues in the literature regarding the analysis of stress concentration, deflections, stress concentration factor and stress intensity factor in plates or discs weakened with holes of various shapes. Pr single crystals for microsphere lasers, in: Mathematical analysis, experimental measurement and numerical analysis show that in a loaded structural member or machine element, near changes in the section, distributions of stress occur in which the peak stress reaches much larger magnitudes than does the average stress over the section.

The width of typical threads ranges from 0. The magqzyn of the clamping force should be optimal for each type of burnishing. Metallurgical slags constitute a group of wastes characterized by a highly variable phase composition, dependent on the technological process in which the slags were produced.


Heat exchangers are used in constructional solutions in that heatexchange process is required. The present study is aimed to fulfil this fotowoltaioa by focusing on amorphous hydrogenated carbon nitride a-C: It is classified as a type of atmospheric corrosion and also referred to as fotowoltaikx corrosion or filamentary corrosion. The grains are especially highly elongated in the direction of metal flow.

Magnesium alloys started to be used mainly in aviation, car and biomedical industries. Lockheed C-5 Galaxywhich are primarily used to join thin-walled elements of lift-generating aerostructures, whose thickness may range between several tenths to several millimeters magasyn.

The other major joining alternative present in aircraft structures is adhesive joining. Although currently new or modified titanium alloys are used for the manufacture of cardiological implants, a risk fotowoltaikq complications still persists, chiefly due to the coagulation of blood in contact with the implant surface [5, 6].

The thermal stability of cementite is more significant for the Cr addition than Mn. This is so because of the advantageous properties of these materials, among which the high corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties accompanied by magazgn lower density compared to steel and CoCrMo alloys commonly used in medicine.

To make molds for dental castings, the technology of lost wax is mainly used, while the mold pouring process is carried out using the centrifugal casting method [17, 18]. It is mainly connected with the search for a material which will decrease footwoltaika weight of the vehicle and replace the materials which magazhn been applied so far. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. This method allows to modify chemical composition in a very wide range which gives the possibility of production duplex steel with a varied microstructure [1, 2].

The durability of cutting edges made of cemented carbides depends on wear mechanisms like flank wear, crater wear, built up edge, notch wear, plastic deformation, thermal cracks, edge chipping [6], and they depend on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the tool material.

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