Developer. The developer portal includes all the resources required to start building your own custom local and remote Maltego transforms. The portal also. This page includes a user guide for Maltego, transform guides as well as links to our Youtube channel that includes videos tutorials on using Maltego. The first setting in the Manual Links settings allows you to choose if the Edit properties dialog should open when a new manual.

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Link label panel The link labels and properties panel in under the View tab allows you to set what is shown on a link. Navigating the display is always an issue of being able to see only what you want to see. Clicking the star icon in a transform line item will add the transform to the favorites category which will always be listed at the top of the context menu as a separate category regardless of what level of the context menu you are on.

Diverse descent explanation In the image above, the IP address entities are sized differently even though they both have two incoming links. View tab Views Views are used to extract non-obvious information from large graphs — where the analyst cannot see clear relationships by manual inspection of data.

The image below shows the Detail View with two different font sizes for this option set: Editing an entity’s value Selecting an Entity Left-click on the node you want to select.


We general use Twitter to post notifications about new features and we use YouTube to post any new video tutorials that we do. For this reason, putting a graph into interactive organic layout will improve performance when dealing with larger graphs as less layout computation is required.

Majual can also be done with the delete key on the keyboard. The first checkbox lets you choose if the entity type icon should be overlaid for entities that have custom images for their icons. The action bar remains the same regardless of what level you are on in the context menu.

Guides and Tutorials

In this case, it emphasizes IP addresses that are related to different domains. You will then be given a confirmation dialog that looks as follows:. When you right-click on an entity or group of entities a context menu is displayed.

The value — this is the primary information field for and entity and is always displayed on the graph:. Maltego requires an Internet connection and if you do need to use it within your corporate network use this option to set it up.

Manage Views The seven views that come with Maltego out-the-box are covered in layout sidebar section. This page provides descriptions and links to a few write-ups that we have done using Maltego that nicely demonstrates the capabilities of the tool. Opens a dropdown menu that includes all entities from the entity palette.

The behaviour of the List View is the same as an entity view.

Graph with search engine results with view set to size by weight. Using the Overview view to navigate a large graph.


The portal also includes information on additional ways Maltego can manuwl extended, transform code snippets and information on installing your own internal Maltego server. The last option that can be set from the Java Options tab is the maximum amount of memory that the Maltego client can use. Chain Rule In tests we’ve notice that we want to collect with the neighbor rule much earlier e.

Merging these three entities making the Twitter Affiliation the primary entity results in the image below. List of graphs that are currently open The last button in the tab bar will maximize the graph window and minimize all other windows in the Maltego client as shown in the image below. Example graph with view set to ball size by rank. Views can be used to determine the size and color of entities based on different properties of the graph. Your First Graph There are three ways to create a new graph in Maltego: Getting Started Maltego Concepts Before we get our hands dirty, there are a three of important concepts in Maltego that need to be defined.


Each of the graph layout options are explained in the layout sidebar sections. Creates a single entity with properties from all the entities that were merged. List of graphs that are currently open.