Read the instruction manual carefully before starting the pump. • These pumps may .. vid sådana tillfällen skyddas med någon form av hylsa. • Smörj samtliga. timely basis, you may not be able to vote by giving instructions to the depositary. Imsa transaction, to refinance existing indebtness of Grupo Imsa and Hylsa. Reporte Anual , Monterrey, Mexico: Hylsa. Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Technological Innovation Data, 3rd Edition, Paris.

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There are also connection blocks for connection to e. The piston lifts the pressure plate against the drain valve rubber diaphragm, which in turn forms a seal against the outer drum, effectively closing the valve. Hook the valve onto the bolts and turn the valve hysa position. Heating Description 1 Heating contactor Electric heating Fig.

Machine presentation Door lock Fig.

Rotation sensor B3 7 30 Service Manual Tap carefully it down in the bearing housing. Adjust the tension or replace if necessary see section Rotary switch S5 Rotary switch for selecting wash program.

In order to be able to put the puller blocks under the bearing, push the rear gable a little. Remove the rear cover. Remove the drive belt by pulling the belt towards you while rotating the drum by hand.

Connect the drain hose to the upper part of the valve. Pressure plate Recoil spring Cylinder Piston Lower part Diaphragm Nipple for connection of feed hose from control valve 6. Control unit Contents Description See the following page of this manual for description and location of the signs.


Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings 42 12Fig. There are no Y22 valve on these machines. This card controls the door lock function and supervises whether the drum is empty and not turning. The use of proper service tools and techniques, and the use of proper repair procedures, is essential to the safety of service personnel and equipment users. Transfer of voltage supply Feeds the voltage to programme unit A1. These levels are called minimum levels.

Prior to operation of the machine, check to make certain that all operating instructions and warning signs are affixed to the machine and legible. Main wash, liquid detergent or bleachingagent Water connections Overflow drain Water connections Compartment 3; Rinse To washing drum 3 Intentionally blank Disconnect the drain hose from upper part of the valve.

Control unit Jumpers are assembled on the program selector card. Secure the hose clamp at the connection of the rubber bellows on the sleeve coupling. Connect the motor cable to the motor. Undo the hose clamp holding the valve rubber bellows against the sleeve coupling of the outer drum. The timer rapid advances the first rinse. This machine MUST be serviced and operated in compliance with manufacturers instructions.

Hitachi DV 20VC Handling Instructions Manual (Page 4 of 26)

Control unit Front control unit 7 Main power switch Q1 Fig. Before the appliance is removed from service or discarded, remove the door. Jumper on D is main wash function. Jumper on C is bleaching function. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual 5, Fig. Pre wash will be changed from 3 to 6 minutes, main wash from 6 to 12 minutes and rinsing time from 1 to 2 minutes. The suggested schedule assumes an 8 hour work day, and a 5 day work week.


Press down the drift to the bottom. Disassembly For repair works on the drain valve, there is hulsa risk that water still left in the amnual may flood onto the floor. If this is the case, replace the level switch. Disconnect the connection to the heating element to be replaced. Heating contactor K22 Fig. This retracts the spring-loaded locking pin and the door lock opens.

Filtring till hylsa, vevhus. FM38. 1-8

A burned out motor can be re-wound. Press down the emergency opening button. The rear electric box of the machines is described in detail in section Every third month refer this service to qualified personnel May only be carried out by authorized personnel.

S4a and S4b are both closed when the door is locked. Depending on the size of the machine, the following heating elements are available: The contactor s is are placed in the rear control unit. Remember that “Delicate” is always without prewash. The pressure plate recoil springs pull the pressure plate back, upon which the piston is pressed back into the cylinder. Supply voltage connection Communication card Water connections Rear control unit Fig.

Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual 14 Fig. The lock is bi-stable, i. Jumper I no heat.